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Frequently Asked Questions?




Table of Contents

  1. How do I Purchase an item ?
  2. Do you Provide Demonstrations ?
  3. What is your Warranty ?
  4. Do you have Loaners ?
  5. How Do I send My Product in For Repair?
  6. Do you have Leasing Available ?
  7. What is Delivery Time ?
  8. Can I use my own LCD Monitor ?
  9. How Do I Set Up VET-OR1000, PVSLCD35 LCD Mini Monitor and Clean My Scopes ?
  10. Where is the Operation Manual ?
  11. Cleaning
  12. Software Downloads


R.A.I. System FAQ:




Q: What is the resolution? A: The resolution of the VET-OR1000 CCD imaging chip 70,000+ lines at this time.

Q: What is the wireless range? A: We've tested the wireless, line-of-sight, to better than 1/2 mile.

Q: What style of monitor is included? A: A sunlight readable, touch screen tablet with bump case.

Q: What is the file structure for image and video capture? A: Divx - it's available for all platforms and is an MPEG based format.

Q: What is the format of the captured media? A: The video is stored on the local hard drive of the tablet, not on the horse mounted equipment.

Q: How much media can be saved ? A: There should be roughly 290 hours worth of video that can be stored on the tablet, before erasing/clearing files out.

Q: What is the battery life of the unit? A: The tablet battery will last about 3 hours before charging and the horse mounted computer should also have 3 hours of continuous duty. The run-time of both units can be extended by shutting down the equipment between runs, rather than leaving them turned on.

Q: What is the setup time ? A: That depends on the skill of the clinician and the horse. Typically, after unpacking the equipment and setting up the tripod, the horse mounted equipment can be setup within 10 minutes or less, depending on the behavior of the animal.

Q: What is the cleaning procedure? A: Wipe off the insertion tube between and after each run with a damp cloth ( Same as standard endoscope but Servo portion is not submersible ).

Q: Is there an Emergency override if a servo is stuck in a direction? A: You can always unplug the cable connecting the computer box to the servo box on the horse. This will cause the servos to lose power and go limp.

How do I


1) How do I Purchase an item?



Please Click on $ Price or call in with your Complete information, We will require a credit card Authorization form with 2 forms of ID. ( In USA ) International we can only authorize up to $5000 any amount over that we will require Wire Transfer of balance over $5000 USD  .

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2) Do you Provide Demonstrations ?



If you are located in Southeast of USA Yes, Out of this area we can provide a Demo If you purchase a Portascope Unit the price of travel expenses will be included if you decide not to purchase you must pay our travel expenses. Also If you purchase an item you will have ten ( 10 ) Days to use the equipment!
We are Positive you will love the equipment! If you are not, simply return it for full refund less shipping charges.


Europe, South America Demos International; If you purchase an item you will have ten ( 10 ) Days to use the equipment!
We are Positive you will love the equipment! If you are not, simply return it for full refund less shipping charges.


Also we do present our Equipment at Trade Shows in Europe and South America, Please contact us for Show Dates Booth No's

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3) What is your Warranty ?

1 Year Limited Warranty
For full warranty information Click Here You are responsible for shipping charges no matter what the repair is. Any other Endoscope Repair Out Of Warranty Either PVS or Olympus® Pentax Fujinon we recommend

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4) Do you have Loaners ?



In most cases we can return your repair with 24 - 36 hours the same amount of time it takes to receive a loaner ..


LG200 we can ship replacement unit within 24 hours, If it was damaged in some way we must prorate repair exchange and bill accordingly.

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5) How Do I send My Product in For Repair ?



Please e-mail us for an a RMA No. No repairs accepted without RMA No. Or Call +941 209 8276 ask for repairs or


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6) Do You have leasing available ?



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7) What is Delivery Time ?



PVSW9150 and PVSW3M 2 Weeks


Semi Portable System 2-3 Days!


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8) Can I use my own LCD Monitor ?

Yes but it has to be a PAL compatible High Resolution Monitor! We recommend Sony LMD-19 Professional
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9) How do I Set up my PVS System, Mini LCD or Clean and Sterilize the Endoscopes ?



Please refer to our Training Videos Page Click Here

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10) Where is the Operation Manual ?



Operation Manual for PVS System and LG200 is in scope case cover pouch



11) Cleaning



Cleaning your endoscope

It's important to establish an effective manual cleaning protocol prior to high-level disinfection. A significant amount of foreign material and organisms are removed from the endoscope at this stage. Manual cleaning should begin as soon as the scope is removed from the patient. Have a bowl of enzymatic cleaning solution (mixed with water according to manufacturers instructions) available.

Note: Always read the manufacturers manual first. Some older endoscopes cannot be totally immersed in water. If your endoscope did not include a manual, call the manufacturer for a copy.
When the procedure is completed

A. Depress air/water valve to force water through the water channel.

B. Place finger over the air/water valve to force air through the air channel.

C. Depress suction valve with distal tip in cleaning solution, then remove distal tip from solution and suction air. Alternating air and cleaning solution will remove more debris from internal lumens.

D. Endoscopes with air/water cleaning adapters: This adapter allows continuous air or water through both the air and water channels (not to be confused with an all-channel irrigator that could flood your light source). Turn off air pump, remove air/water valve and attach cleaning adapter. Turn air pump on and allow air through channels for 30-45 seconds. Depress valve to allow water to run through channels.

E. Turn off power to the light source, video processor or camera, and then detach the endoscope. If indicated, place protective cap over video connective ports.

F. Wipe excess debris off endoscope with gauze sponges and enzymatic cleaning solution. Carefully transport your endoscope and accessories to a cleaning station for thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning the endoscope in the reprocessing area

Have gauze sponges, enzymatic cleaning solution, leak tester and appropriate sized channel cleaning brushes available. Protective eyewear or face shields with exam gloves are also recommended.

G. Leak testing–attach the leak tester and pressurize endoscope. Submerge all but the terminal end (where leak tester is attached). Angulate distal tip and observe for bubbles, which would indicate a leak has occurred. IF THE ENDOSCOPE DOES NOT LEAK TEST, DO NOT PROCEED AND CONTACT US 941 792 7138 or on: At the end of 2 minutes, remove air by leaving the leak tester attached for 30 seconds.

H. Brush suction/biopsy channel–there are 3 areas of this channel that are brushed in GI scopes:

Biopsy channel–from biopsy port opening to distal tip.
Umbilical tube–from suction valve housing to suction port at terminal end (some endoscopes require starting at suction port, then out at the suction valve housing).
Suction valve opening to distal tip–At the suction valve housing, angle brush to enter channel, which exits at the distal tip. Note: Some models of endoscopes will only allow brushing from the valve housing to the biopsy port opening. If resistance is felt, do not advance the brush through the insertion tube to the distal tip.
After each passage, wipe off brushes. Periodically inspect your brushes and replace when frayed, bent or damaged.

I. Clean the outside of your endoscope with gauze and enzymatic cleaning solution.

J. Attach irrigation adapters. Each manufacturer requires different adapters for their different models of endoscopes. It's important to attach all adapters for irrigation of the endoscope and that cleaning solution (and high level disinfection solution) will achieve adequate flow through all lumens. Solution will exit air, water and suction ports on the terminal end, as well as the suction/biopsy, air and water nozzles at the distal tip. Special attention should be given to the water nozzle, since this is the only area that cannot be brushed. A continuous stream of cleaning solution should be observed. If a partial or intermittent stream is observed, let cleaning solution sit in the channel. Never proceed beyond this step if there is a blockage to any parts of the channel!

K. Clean endoscope accessories. Valves should be inspected and cleaned. Rubber o-rings on valves should not be torn or missing. Valves should also be depressed to expose hidden ports and rubber o-rings. Pipe cleaner and toothbrushes work well to clean valves and other accessories.

Biopsy forceps are wire wrapped and should be ultrasonically cleaned, then sterilized. Don't forget biopsy port cover and mouth gags.

L. Rinse endoscope. Flush all ports well with clean water.

M. Dry endoscope. Force air through all ports, then dry exterior with a soft cloth. Removing as much water as possible will prevent dilution of disinfectant.



N. For cleaning solutions check the latest Veterinary Endoscope Reprocessing Solutions











PVS LG200 Operation Manual 




Written by leading experts in veterinary endoscopy, these books provide an informative and practical guide to veterinary practitioners and feature beautifully illustrated endoscopic images.

Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner
By McCarthy, Published 2004, Hardbound, 624 Pages
This book offers valuable information on endoscopic equipment and instrumentation, anaesthesia considerations and guidelines for both beginning and advanced techniques. Coverage focuses on lower GI, upper GI, rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, cystoscopy and more. Features over 600 full colour photographs.


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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Endoscopy and Endosurgery
By Lhermette, Published 2008, Paperback, 300 Pages
The manual details the features and use of both flexible and rigid endoscopic equipment. Basic diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are described and illustrated with some references to more advanced procedures. This highly practical book offers useful hints and tips, both in surgical technique and on purchase of instrumentation.
The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult Equine
By Lavoie & Hinchcliff, Published 2009, Hardbound, 912 Pages
This comprehensive guide is designed to provide practical information on almost all diseases and clinical problems in equine medicine. Up to date and easy to use, topics include gastroenterology, respiratory diseases, urinary conditions and much more. The SMS Text focuses on definition, pathophysiology, diagnosis and likely diseases to be encountered by the equine veterinarian. This reference is an essential tool for students and practicing veterinarians to quickly diagnose and treat equine patients.


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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology
By Hall, Simpson & Williams, Published 2005, Paperback, 320 Pages
Written by international authors all experts in their field, this book covers diagnostic techniques, approaches to investigating presenting complaints, organ disorders as well as critical care, assisted feeding techniques and an overview of therapeutics. Accompnaied throughout by full colour illustrations.
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Handbook of Equine Respiratory Endoscopy
By Barakzai, Published 2006, Hardbound, 144 Pages
This book offers assistance in diagnosing respiratory disorders with ease and features over 180 full colour endoscopy images. Written by a leading equine respiratory clinician, this handbook also discusses anatomy, tips for endoscopic evaluation and the etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for disorders of the respiratory tract.
 Buy on
Atlas of Equine Endoscopy
By Slovis, Published 2003, Hardbound, 272 Pages
A practical reference guide to minimally invasive equine endoscopy of various organ systems. This atlas focuses less on basic principles and more on its use as a diagnostic tool. With more than 575 high definition images, each procedure is discussed consistently addressing disorders such as neoplasia, inflammation and abscesses.
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