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Portable Video Scope Livestock Sperm Gun Artificial Insemination






Product : PVSLSG

Item Name:  PVSLSG



Application range of veterinary visual insemination gun

Artificial insemination
Frozen fine tube
Liquid sperm
Liquid syrup
Checking for diseases
Uterine inflammation
Cervical changes during estrus
Smashed fester
Cleaning the uterus, etc.

Product parameters

-1.The main technical parameters
-Total length: 45cm
-Handle width: 8cm
-Endoscopic probe: 35cm
-Probe diameter: 22mm
-Air passage: 2mm
-Camera channel: 3.9mm
-(Cold light source) camera: 180 wide angle
-Working channel: 11mm.
-Pixels: 500 million
-Screen size: 3.5 inches
-Resolution: 640x480
-Rotation Angle: around 120 before and after 360 expansion
-Head diameter: 23mm
-Expansion head length: 15mm
-Vas deferens: 65cm

-Storage space: up to 256G memory card
-Function: photo taking, video recording, output print output
-USB charging: built-in battery, USB
-Charging duration: 2h.

-3.Charger parameters
-Input: 100-240v ac50/60нZ 0.15a
-Output: 5V dc 2000mA




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Includes:  Case, Inserts, Infusion needle and USB / AC Plug 

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